The Wine Group

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 Welcome to The Wine Group web site.

The primary purpose of the site is to provide the members with an up-to-date listing of the contents of the wine cellar in order that they may plan their meals accordingly. Currently, the inventory is published only annually to the members so after a few months hosts arení»t sure if their desired wines are available. This site responds to that need.

A secondary purpose is to provide membership services such as the names and addresses of each member, facts and near facts about the organization, member guidelines, and dinner-related information such as prior venues, and cost calculation information.

A tertiary purpose of the site is to educate the members about the wines in the cellar. The site can provide background historic or geographic information about the wines as well as serving suggestions and various ratings and evaluations. All this and more can be generated via member interest in the Discussion section.

If you have other ideas for this site, send them to  Peter.